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It's been around two years since I began writing this article. I had no idea what a journey I was about to embark on whilst birthing it. I had to allow it to come into being at its own pace without any force or resistance.

I went on a deep internal quest as I worked on it. The article grew with me. I grew with the article. I had to become a solid example of my word. I had to rise many levels above. To encode this body of work with the energy needed for it to make an impact, I had to take myself really really seriously. I think this is another reason it took so long. I wanted to code it with the highest potential I am currently capable of so that it may enter your field and help you reach yours.

It has taken me a long time and many failed attempts to arrive at my current destination of being. I find myself higher than ever before, but trust me when I tell you, I still have so much work to do. The levels we can reach are endless. I am open to all the lessons I am yet to learn. I am open to all the healing I am yet to go through. I love this process, however overwhelming at times. There's nothing more satisfying than reaching new heights and acquiring new tools in the process.

For some of you, what I am about to share may all seem way too overwhelming and others may already be on this path and have an easier time with it. It is absolutely essential you know that all you have to do to begin lifting yourself up is to take a single step in that direction. You just have to start and make sure you keep following each step with another. When you fall back, which will happen as it's an inevitable part of the process, get up, dust yourself off, and continue.

I didn't just wake up one day to find myself in the space of consciousness and awareness I occupy now. I was simply unapologetically determined to rise and this determination never left me, even in my lowest hours. I always felt the potential in me to be of the highest light. I self-sabotaged myself hundreds of times, I let myself fall back into dark holes hundreds of times, I cried hundreds of times, but what I never did was give up. I knew that if I never ever stop my pursuit of the divine within me, I will succeed. The path to the top doesn't go in a straight line. If it did, it would be pointless. It is in the twists and turns that we gather all the golden nuggets of wisdom and knowledge. They are what we came for in the first place.

What most of us need is a spark that ignites us into action.

We need a push... or a good kick up the backsides.

We have it all within us. We possess the innate power to be whole, healthy and light. The only medicine we need is one that helps us fully remember this universal truth we always carried in our hearts. I hope what you are about to read infuses you with the inspiration and motivation to go to the next level. I want it to be the catalyst for you to take charge, spread your wings, and free yourself once and for all.

Start small.

Take one step at a time.

You don't want to trip over now, do you?

Use this article as a guide but don't try to do everything I recommend all at once.

The journey is beautiful.

The journey is rewarding.

Enjoy the ride with all of its ups and downs.

Pace yourself.

Be Mindful.

Be Conscious.

Be Aware.

Be Persistent.

Go slowly but steadily.

LISTEN with your inner ear.

SEE with your inner eye.

There will be teachings, blessings and gifts awaiting you around every corner. If you don't tune in to your inner senses, you won't be able to perceive them and you will miss them...

Let's get to it...

Divine Intelligence

We are infinite beings of phenomenal complexity. Made in the image of the creator and given everything we could ever need to go through the journey of life to the best of our abilities. We are children of the Earth, we are of nature, sent perfectly in synch and harmonised with the laws and ways of the planet and all of creation.

Divine Human

We have an array of innate tools, mental, physical and spiritual, to support us on every level and through every experience. Our bodies and minds are armed with divine intelligence reflecting the intelligence of the energy that birthed us into being.

In those moments when we need extra help to deal with whatever it is we are going through, our Mother, the Earth, has us fully covered. She gives birth to thousands of plants, trees and fungi that possess deep wisdom and incredible medicinal abilities. She also gives birth to two (that I am aware of) infinitely powerful healers of the animal kingdom - the Kambo frog and Bufo toad. Oh, and let's not forget all her amazing human babies among us with special healing gifts.

These chosen teachers and healers of Earth can greatly assist the body, mind and spirit in dealing with disease and putting distortions of any kind back into resonance. They can also guide us and give us insights into anything we are struggling with. Our magical planet provides through us and through all of her other children everything in abundance for her ecosystem to work in perfect harmony.

Humanity’s physical and spiritual eyes have been forced shut to this. We have been disconnected from our source. We have been poisoned and hypnotised to make us blind to what is right in front of us, all around us, and most importantly - within us. I am generalising and will be throughout this article as every being and its path are unique. I am focusing on the collective as a whole with the full understanding that we are all at different levels of our evolution and understanding, and we are all at different stages of our healing journeys.

All is in divine order. To rise into illumination we must first fall from grace. All that is and all that happens serves the Creator. All is the Creator.

‘No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven, unless its roots reach down to hell.’ ~ Carl Jung

My intention is to stir you up, to light you up on the inside, to help you remember... You have to find your own way. I just want to give you a hand so you can begin your own inner path to the Golden Earth of infinite bliss. No one can walk it for you... Your own unique mystery awaits you with open arms. It is yours to discover.

Keep in mind that whenever I use the word 'spirit' in the article I am also referring to our individual souls. I wasn't sure which of the two words to use but decided on the one defining the collective energy of God that flows through all and everything.

Diseases are all states of being, physical and mental, that are dissonant with the energies of love and joy, from the easiest to overcome temporary ones to all those that take lives away or chain people to an existence of pain and misery. Simply said, 'disease' is the loss of personal power. When we are powerful, i.e. full of power, we are at ease. When our power is compromised, we are dis-eased. This is why this article is not just for 'sick' people but for pretty much everyone. I am yet to meet a person who doesn't experience the loss of personal power to some degree even if rarely and doesn't need to be informed or reminded of the things I am about to share. After all the years of self-work, I still very much need this information too. When I write for you, I equally write for myself. I am not perfect, far from it! Having said this, I live every day with the purpose of growing and evolving so that I may be of higher service to creation, and live with peace and purpose.

I live this way so that I may be free...

Freedom to be my most divine expression is my birthright!

If we zoom out from ourselves and look at the big picture, our world is where it currently is because it is diseased as a whole. We are one collective force field and we are all responsible for where we are and where we go next. Our personal issues are not personal at all. We are simply different channels through which the collective disease manifests itself in all of its various forms. For this heavy collective energy to use any of us as a channel, we must be a match for its vibration. It fishes for weak links. The more it comes through us individually and goes back into the collective field, the stronger it gets. It is not its fault for it is our own creation. It cannot hide. It must express itself. It is all our own doing and the undoing can only be done by us.

I want to mention that although I know we absolutely do have the ability to heal from anything and everything, which is what I will be discussing here, I believe, there are certain soul contracts that are pre-written for some to either live a life in sickness or be here for a short time due to sickness. These happen for the purpose of clearing karma, learning an important lesson or bringing teaching through for others. I am not informed enough to give a solid opinion on this topic or to know if we are able to affect these contracts through personal choice. All I can say to all of us, however, is to just give it our best and prove we are worthy of all the beauty the Universe has to offer regardless of anything.

Perhaps we do have the power to overrule karmic contracts and change the cosmic order through sheer determination and willingness to be the best that we can be.

Perhaps we truly are limitless...

I unreservedly believe in our potential to create our reality through all spaces, times and dimensions without being chained to any rules or laws.

I feel it is the realisation of our true nature that will leave these contracts to the old world and take us into a whole new way of being.

The Golden Age

Wherever you are in life and whatever it is you are going through, I fully believe that there is something here for you. What I am about to share is important for absolutely everyone on this planet - it is important for the Planet!

Before I get into it, I want to mention that there are people living in such difficult circumstances that do not allow them to follow many or all of the things I recommend. If you are one of them, please know that I haven't forgotten you. I still hope you find healing in my words and that they enrich your being in some way or another. I hope you can at least do some of the things I suggest. And remember, the most powerful tool you have is your mind and if you take charge over there, you can make magic happen. I promise to be the best I can be for you. I hope others who have the personal choice to do so, do too.

It is time for us to rise from our fall. It is time for those seeds within each and every one of us to sprout and for beautiful flowers to grow and bloom, touching the heavens with our magical petals of vibrant rainbow colours. For this to happen, we must heal our bodies, minds and spirit, which have been burdened with too much crap for far too long. Some of it we bring through from past lives, but this is the life where we heal all - ourselves and the entire ancestral lines. We are the Chosen Ones who are strong enough to do this as we are here for the Greatest Shift from the old reality of darkness to a new Golden World of Light, Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony and most importantly - FREEDOM.

Our minds, bodies and spirit are interconnected and work in synch. Regardless of what we are going through, we must put serious conscious effort into keeping all three at peak condition. Whatever we experience here in the physical has energetic tentacles reaching through all aspects of our being, in all spaces and dimensions. There is so much we can do to help ourselves regardless of how deep we have sunk and how sick we are mentally and/or physically. It is only by taking the initiative and deciding to be the captains of our ships that we have any chance of experiencing true healing and evolution.

It is time for real work to be done because no one will come to save us. We gotta save ourselves. If we want to heal and grow, we must accept full responsibility for ourselves and do what is in our hands to do. If we do, the Universe will help us by sending our way what we need or sending us towards what we need for extra support if it is necessary. She needs to see that we remember who we are and the divinity that is our essence. The Universe can assist us greatly, but for her to do so, we must be the foundation, and we must be solid. It all starts with us. Only we can be the light that sparks up our growth and evolution engines into action. Laziness, victimhood mentality, and being stuck in our comfort zones are the main factors keeping us away from being truly full of power or simply said - whole.

Each and every single one of us has to make a decision to rise and follow it up with conscious action. We owe it to each other and to all of creation. We are all responsible for the healing of humanity. Regardless of what one is going through, there is so much one can personally do to shift their reality. I am not saying that all mental, physical and spiritual distortions one can overcome by themselves, absolutely not. I am simply saying that the work one can do for oneself, that which requires gentle but persistent effort, one must do. The Earth, her plant and animal medicine spirits and teachers, as well as those of her true healers and wisdom keepers in human bodies, can assist with all else. I am using the word ‘assist’ because this is all they can do.

It all starts with us and must be maintained by us.

We are The Beginning.

We are The Journey.

We are The End.

We are The Entire Cycle and We Are Responsible for how it runs.

We are the main energy that dictates the quality of our lives here and our evolution through all space and time.

No one will do our work for us, ever!

Divine Human Body

Our bodies are the temples that house our divine essence. Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us through into this reality. Their health is one of the main factors when it comes to what kind of a journey we have on this beautiful planet. Yes, circumstances and experiences also play a huge role, however, if the body is kept at an optimum level of functioning through self-love and self-care, I fully believe most conditions of loss of personal power can be overcome unless some serious spiritual healing is needed. If you are in need of deep spiritual healing, I highly recommend you work with well-chosen Shamans, Sacred Earth Medicines (Master Teacher Plants, Kambo, Bufo) and/or Energy Workers with their unique powers. These healers can see through the physical, reach the true core of distortions, and do all kinds of deep multidimensional multispatial work to help. The keys to our wholeness, we already have within us. No one will give them to us. No one has them. Only we do! We cannot look for a saviour on the outside, but we most definitely can and should look for help and assistance from Earth-Resonant sources to become our own saviours.

We owe it to those in circumstances that do not allow for them to take good care of themselves to do the best that we can. Most of us have the conditions to choose how we treat ourselves, what we consume, and what energy we allow into our fields. Being in optimum health is a grand choice made up of many small choices, i.e. every choice we make in every single moment of our lives. Being in optimum health is a grand task to accomplish but we must not focus on it in its entirety, but dissect it into small bites, take our time with patience, and make small daily changes. This is how new habits are formed. New Habits - New Reality.

The human vessel has divine intelligence, but for this intelligence to come through to its highest potential, we must treat ourselves as Divine Reflections of the Creator. First of all, we must remember we are DIVINE. If you don't, I am telling you now - YOU ARE. Whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not, doesn't interfere with its factuality. I know what you are. Just trust me on this one. If you follow my guidance, you will realise it for yourself too. I Promise!

We are so much more than what we perceive ourselves to be with our limited internal and external vision. In our entirety, we are limitless, magical, and extremely powerful Gods and Goddesses. We can bring more of our entirety through to the Earthly plane, but how much depends only on what our human body allows. And the body can only allow the energy that matches its frequency to come through it. It is all it can hold.

The body is the medium between the worlds and dimensions, the channel through which we are able to exist here in this reality of many. How clearly our being comes through is fully dependent on how clear this channel is. To help you understand, I will make the following analogy... Think of ‘sound’ as 'Our True Whole Essence of Light’ and ‘a speaker’ as ‘Our Human Body’. The speaker allows sound to travel into different spaces. The sound may be crisp clean, and of perfect harmony, frequency and resonance, but if the speaker isn’t high quality or is broken, the sound is hugely compromised. No matter how perfect, the sound is only able to come through to the level the speaker can play at. The only difference here is that the sound has no control over the speaker, whereas we have full control over ourselves.

Our higher selves are wanting to come through and take the lead, but we must create the right conditions that can hold their vibration. In fact, doing this, I believe, is the true purpose of our current lives.

Can the Gods in human bodies remember their Limitless Power?

Can the Gods who have forgotten they are Gods remember they are Gods and return to being Gods even in this low vibrational space?

But let me tell you, our world isn't of a low vibration. Just like us, it is multidimensional and vibrates at all levels, from the lowest to the highest. We can only perceive those levels of our reality that match our own personal frequency. If we want to perceive the higher states of our world and of ourselves, we must become a match for them. The Golden Age already exists. It is simply waiting for us to rise up to meet it. We must take the inner lift, press the button, and elevate ourselves. And yes, it's not so simple, but I hope you get the point. And the point is - ACTION!!! Action is Needed!!!

Connect To The Earth

We have work to do so that we can fully reconnect with our Mother - the Sacred Earth. It is a process that requires serious effort.

The Earth is the answer to it all. We cannot live a high vibrational life if we are disconnected from her. If we are disconnected from her, we are in essence disconnected from ourselves.

We must undo a lot that has been done to us, and we have done to ourselves, for a long long time. It doesn’t matter who we believe is to blame for our traumas for we are responsible for ourselves and we must take the lead. We can’t change what’s already passed and we shouldn't want to as all is always in perfect order. What we can do, however, is write tomorrow’s story with our actions today. Tomorrow's story is one in which joy and beauty lead the way, this I can confirm. Don't ask how I know, I just do! But first, we gotta write it... It's time to write it...

We Rise by shedding what’s hiding our light - physically and mentally. We Rise by uncovering our whole and complete essence from underneath all the layers that have been forced over us to suppress us. It is time for the coats to come off. They are not ours, they never were. We are holy sparkles of love and this is all we'll ever be. Everything that isn't a sparkle of love does not belong to us. It’s time to let it go with gratitude for its needed (even if we don't understand how this can possibly be the case) service in this perfect cosmic dance of creation.

The energy of ascension is bubbling up from within our hearts.

Our higher selves know what’s up.

They know why we came here at this great time of transition.

They are calling to remind us and it’s the most important call we must take.

They are calling NOW...

Can you hear?

I fully believe that clearing our physical vessels of all that doesn’t serve them and making them strong and protected has the power to heal most (and in most cases all) distortions within us. As I already said, the spirit part of the self may have certain traumas that healing the body isn't enough to deal with, however, it should be the very first step one undertakes and goes hand in hand with whatever spiritual healing one undergoes.

It is also important to note that our bodies hold on to the energy of all that we go through and have ever gone through, so what if I told you that by healing them, we can also heal the traumas they store... Remember, it's all interconnected. When we go into an intimate loving process of enrichment with our physical selves and take away all that compromises them, they open up to us and show us all we need to see that we perhaps aren’t seeing. If you do this, so many chained and locked chests will open up within you and you will perceive yourself and your human experience like you never have before.

By clearing your physical vessel, you also clear your inner vision. It is due to the blindness of the inner vision that we become dis-eased. Our inner vision is our best teacher and most trusted guide. It always sees past illusions and shows us what our human isn't perceiving correctly. Our inner vision is our intuition. Our inner vision is the eye of our higher selves directly connected to God. If it is blinded and silenced, we become lost and make choices that lead us down dark pathways.

When our temple is of high vibration, we can connect to the infinite intelligence of the whole cosmos and receive all the help we need for all our earthly experiences.

No matter what distortions one has, mental and/or physical (if we want to separate them), if the body is poisoned, one cannot heal. The body cannot let our full light through if it is muddled and weak. It cannot do its job if we don’t do ours. It’s a two-way relationship.

Treating ourselves right through every choice that we make is the foundation upon which everything else rests. It is an absolute priority and the deciding factor for what kind of life we live. No two ways about it!

Too many people are lazy, have a victim mentality and are too attached to their comfort zones to even begin thinking about the possibility of being in full control of their health, their lives, and their destiny. I am not pointing fingers with the purpose of insulting anyone, but I must speak in a way that can stir people up. The sound of a Native American flute, however magical, will not wake us up. We’re too deep asleep and we need a good old-fashioned alarm clock. No more time to waste. No more hitting the ‘snooze’ button. Our divine essence is knocking on the door. It wants to come through for the birthing of The New Golden Earth.

Until I met the Master Teacher Plants, I had severe amnesia and had totally forgotten about the true power and intelligence of nature. Thankfully, in my first-ever plant medicine ceremony, my memory fully returned, as if someone flipped a switch. They are the most potent consciousness I have ever encountered. No surprise they are illegal (if you know what I mean)... Over the next year and a half, I completely pulled myself away from the dark matrix and plugged myself back into my Mother’s arms. Before that night of my remembrance, I was unaware that I am fully covered on all levels in all that I go through in life.

How would I when I had always been told that I am not?

I knew no different!

I was conditioned that I always needed something external from questionable sources to be okay. Almost everyone lives with this false belief. The Main code of the dark program running in humanity is that we are not whole, not complete, and not enough as we are. The installation of this program into our divine energy fields and bodies begins as soon as we arrive so that we do not have the time or space to realise our pure loving essence of light which is the epitome of perfection.

We are made to believe in an artificial reality and then given the very carefully chosen ‘tools’ to stay locked into this reality. These tools are disguised as what ‘we need’ so that we trust in them and never think to question them.

What we are cannot be changed.

The seed is always there.

We are heavily distorted beings with amnesia.

The moment of remembrance has come!

Awakened Human

I believe that most if not all diseases and distortions in our physical and spiritual bodies are the result of the weapons used against our civilisation. If we lived in sync with nature's laws and cared for ourselves and our planet to the best of our abilities, we would all be extremely healthy and strong. There may still be some rare exceptions to this, but they will not be anywhere near as bad or as dark as what we are currently experiencing.

We are sick and poisoned on all levels. As sick and poisoned beings we cannot live in a symbiotic relationship with nature. For me, to be in a symbiotic relationship with nature is to live a life in which we enrich her and are enriched by her in equal proportions. It also means realising that We are Her and the enrichment on our part goes both ways - towards her and towards ourselves which in the grand scheme of things is the same thing.

When we give to Ourselves, we give to Her and all of Her Children.

When we give to Her and all of Her Children, we give to Ourselves.

And Vice Versa...

When we hurt and deplete Her (and her children), we hurt and deplete Ourselves.

When we hurt and deplete Ourselves, we hurt and deplete Her (and her children).

To enrich the world around us, we must radiate energy that is enriching. If we are full of darkness and heaviness we cannot do this. We can only give what we have. And we have what we consume in all ways that we can consume - physically and energetically.

The amnesia we have is the result of the toxins accumulated in our bodies and etheric fields. The great news is that we are fully capable of clearing ourselves and protecting ourselves to whatever degree we personally desire. There are certain weapons used against us that we still cannot stop affecting us, but if we have strong minds and bodies, we have everything we need to counteract their effects. There is so much we can do right now. As within so without. We must put in the effort to save and protect ourselves. Every being is responsible for itself and yet this responsibility makes every being responsible for all life on this planet and in the whole Universe. All creations of God are connected through an invisible field of energy. Every particle in this intricate web of spirit affects the whole.

Heal yourself, heal the world.

Save yourself, save the world.

We came into a world overtaken by darkness and it is our responsibility to transform it into a world of light. This transformation doesn't happen by trying to fix the world around us. It is an inside job. There are plenty of cultish organisations that will tell you to follow certain rules and pray to the Gods for salvation. We can follow all the 'spiritual rules' and pray to all the Gods we want but nothing will ever change if we don't. I am done with the spiritual bullshit that has poured itself over the world. Time to shake things up!

The Golden Age

Now let's talk a little about pharmaceuticals or at least the toxic ones of them which are the majority.

I can remember many cases of being unwell throughout my life and I remember taking false medication through all of them. I can’t think of a single case of being sick as a child and in my teens and not being given pharmaceutical drugs by those who cared for me. When I was old enough to care for myself, I continued the tradition.

Damn, programs are bastards, aren’t they?

I mean, what do you do when you get sick?

You go to the pharmacy for a miracle cure, right?


Well, this is what we are told by the numerous adverts on television for children and adult 'medicines'. This is what we are told by the healthcare professionals we are conditioned to trust unreservedly.

Doctors and medical staff go through the education system set in place by those 'in control'. This system is designed to serve the false reality - the dark matrix. They think they are serving humanity unaware of who they actually serve. I am sure that the majority of them have pure intentions and do what they do simply because they want to help from the heart. This beautiful intention of theirs is what makes them highly desirable to the dark forces. People who have our full trust are the perfect channel to get to us without raising suspicion.

We are deeply programmed to believe that the healthcare system is there to serve us. We listen to what doctors tell us with full belief in them and their expertise. We never for a moment think that they are, the majority of which without knowing it, puppets on strings following certain rules and ways of practising set by the governing bodies. Rules and ways aimed at suppressing us, taking our defence mechanisms down, weakening us, and sadly in some cases, killing us.

There are many incredible health workers, health centres, and health organisations that do amazing work and save countless lives. There is definitely a need and a place for them. I am just making a point. It isn’t a black-and-white picture. I am trying to help you see and feel the underlying energy and true agenda of our global healthcare system.

Not all people in healthcare are embedded in the false matrix, but the majority unfortunately are. Many are waking up, many have always been awake, and many have lost their lives for being True Healers who Truly Heal (or talk about True Healing). Thankfully, so many are now speaking up and the wave of awakening cannot be stopped. A moment of gratitude for all those who left our world because they were brave enough to set the foundation for this wave to build momentum. A moment of gratitude for all those who are part of the wave now. And of course, a moment of gratitude for all who may unknowingly be contributing to the dark agenda, but who work guided by their hearts with the highest intention to help and serve humanity. They are victims of the dark forces that are simply being used as tools.

Infinite Gratitude

I have this memory of being a child and being chased around a hospital by nurses trying to inject me with a vaccine. They were saying all kinds of lies to me to fool me, but I couldn't be easily fooled. Another time, a doctor had put a bow tie on a vaccine to make it more ‘attractive’ to me, but as always, it wasn't working. It didn't in any way change my perception of it. They definitely thought they were serving me, with care, but my higher self, thankfully, knew what was up. My stubbornness saved me. I didn't have those vaccines. There's a reason why I was so resistant to them. I've always had very strong internal guidance, even as a little one. I also remember running up a hill near my primary school chased by a bunch of adults as medical staff were taking secretion from the throats of all kids and I was the only one who wasn’t up for the task. Something felt really off. I didn't feel comfortable letting this unknown thing, with an unknown substance on it, inside my mouth and down my throat, so I ran for my life. It may have been harmless but my guard was up. I am so grateful I was given some innate tools to protect me. I have had my own cocktail of pharmaceuticals and street drugs by choice, but at least I saved myself from a few dark weapons of destruction that were being forced on me as a kid.

I haven’t had a single pharmaceutical drug in over four years. The Earth gives me all that I need. I am not saying that they are all the same. I do believe that some are in resonance with the frequencies of nature and can really help us, but they are few. After all, some of these must be allowed amongst all the poison or it will be too evident what is truly going on. I also know that these days, many pharmacies sell natural medicines but I am excluding these when I speak of this matter. Once again, I am generalising to make a point.

The majority of so-called 'medicines' sold in pharmacies work against nature and once we go against her, slowly but surely, we fall from grace. Sometimes not so slowly, but always surely. Many pharmaceuticals do use nature as their base, just the same as street drugs, but what is done to them afterwards to get them to their final state is pretty heartbreaking. All that is dark in our world was once ‘of the light’, which is proof that it can go back to being ‘of the light’ for the true essence of everything can never be changed, just distorted. And distortion can always go back to resonance.

It is really weird to me now, since my eyes opened, how in the past I would always take something at the very first sign of dis-ease. I believed that was what one must do. In fact, I didn’t believe it, I knew it. It went much deeper into my subconscious than simply a belief. My system was automated.

I would get the flu and take paracetamol.

I would get worse and take antibiotics.

My throat would hurt and I would suck on tablets.

My nose would block and I would use drops.

We are conditioned that our bodies aren't able to deal with the challenges they go through and external intervention is always needed i.e. 'a saviour'. The conditioning is also coded with precise information regarding what this intervention must be. If we see a doctor, he/she is well-trained to tell us what we must take to save ourselves. Most of these ‘solutions’ are not there to serve us. The beings that have been running the show for quite some time do not care about us being well and operating at an optimum level, quite the opposite. If we did, they wouldn’t be running the show. We are simply cleverly being used and abused to serve their dark agenda. All of this goes back to what I initially said - we are made to believe in a false reality and then given the tools 'we need’ to remain locked into it. Not for much longer…

Do you know what happens when we are unwell and take pharmaceutical drugs in order to ‘help’ ourselves be well again?

We stop our divinely intelligent bodies from healing us, which they are more than capable of doing. We load them with toxins that mask up our issues on the surface, making us believe in their efficacy, whilst secretly attacking our organs and cells. These toxins disarm our internal defence systems and this causes huge damage long term. Every time we take false medication, we get weaker and weaker, and our bodies become less and less capable of protecting us. The weaker we get, the more we are open to attacks and the more we get sick. It is a vicious cycle.

As a result of this, and all other toxic weapons used against us, we leave this planet way earlier than we are supposed to as fractions of ourselves. The saddest part is not that we leave so early, but that the lives we live whilst we are here are rarely lives of joy and contentment. Few of us realise our full potential. Few of us experience the divine bliss of human existence.

Trust, Surrender, Flow

Nature has its own flow…

It has a perfectly timed rhythm to which it is forever dancing.

When we are sick, nature needs to be allowed to move to this rhythm without being disturbed.

Why do we always try to change things, in a rush, at the first sign of discomfort, rather than trust and allow the divine to work through us in its own flawless ways?

Why are we so scared to feel what we are feeling and always look for ways to shut unpleasant sensations down?

What if they come to tell us something?

Perhaps they are Divine Teachers carrying Divine Messages!

The key is to surrender, however uncomfortable it may seem...

It's in surrendering that we open up to receive life's greatest gifts...

If we habitually take pharmaceutical drugs when we are sick, we (unconsciously) tell nature that we do not trust in her and her intelligence. We do the opposite of surrendering - we resist. Pharmaceutical drugs stop the perfectly timed and structured process our body needs to go through to heal us which it is more than capable of doing. They drive and lock whatever has overtaken us deeper into our system. They are out of harmony with the energies of creation. The worst part of it all is that they also stop the hugely important information with regards to why we are unwell truly from being received by us. Without this knowledge or at least some level of understanding, true healing cannot happen. We miss the point...

Dis-eases of all kinds are the consequence of energies within us that are out of resonance. Even catching a cold is a sign that there is something we must pay attention to that we aren’t. A clear and aligned mind-body-spirit matrix is too high vibrational to be susceptive to anything of a low frequency. It is an intricate web of omnipotent energy that is solid and unbreakable.

Intruders use weaknesses to enter our fields and bodies. These weaknesses are like gaping holes that serve as gateways. The bigger the hole or number of holes, the bigger the intruder that can get through. No one is perfect and as I said at the beginning of the article, I am yet to meet a person who doesn't experience the loss of personal power, even if it's rare.

Our job on Earth (for now) is to crack ourselves open, get overtaken, acquire wisdom from the experience, and close the gap/s, time and time again. If we apply the teachings we receive from these processes to our human experience, it helps us to build a more powerful field that keeps us safe, protected and whole. It benefits all aspects of our lives and elevates us to a higher state of consciousness. The problem is most people go through the first two stages - they crack open and get overtaken, but then they do all those things that make the hole/s wider for more crap to come in. And some people overcome whatever comes to cause havoc through enriching self-work, they receive wisdom and tools from the experience, but they don't apply these sacred gifts to their lives in the long run. Sooner or later, cracks reappear, and they get overtaken once again.

Perhaps viruses and diseases aren’t the villains they are made out to be, but simply a consciousness that comes to point out and bring to the surface what we are not seeing that we need to see and work on if we want to live our highest expression. They are living proof that there are gaps in our fields we need to fill back up with source light. The only way to know how to go about doing this is to tune in and hear the voice of our body, both of matter and energy, and the voice of our entire multidimensional being. Our own divinely intelligent system can give us all the answers if we simply clear the channel for them to come through.

With sickness come great teachings.

False medication shuts this magic down.

Did you know that when we are unwell and our temperature rises, it means our body has put us in healing mode?

Our body is trying to rid itself of whatever is in it that interferes with its divine beauty. This is why we heat up and sweat. Sometimes people get sick not because they have caught a certain virus or bug but simply because they have overloaded themselves with so many toxins that the body has no other choice but to force them into a healing and cleansing process. Pharmaceuticals stop this process abruptly! It's like putting a middle finger up to nature. And we are so unaware of it... It’s the same when we are blocked up, coughing, sneezing, purging, burping or have loose bowels (unless there is another condition causing these). It is the body cleansing itself. We are conditioned to not only fear these processes but to also see some of them as ugly. It is just another program installed in us. These processes are powerful and beautiful because there is nothing more divine than releasing and letting go of that which doesn’t serve us.

Why interfere with the epic superpowers of our amazing vessels?

When we are compromised, we need to simply let nature be and give her the time she needs to do her magic, whilst taking the best care of ourselves that we can. If we do, she will teach us and she will heal us. If she can’t heal us with the help of the tools our bodies are armed with, she has provided an array of natural medicines that work in harmony with our systems to assist in the clearing of what needs to be cleared. If we feel we need help, it's them we should seek.

To make it clear, I am not saying ‘do nothing’ when you are unwell. Absolutely Do Something… something huge for yourself - enrich yourself through the Earth and all things carrying the energy of love. Hopefully in its entirety, this article gives you an idea of what I mean by this. Please, keep reading...

There is so much to this and I am really trying to stay in some sort of a line, but it’s difficult. This is a really vast subject that goes down an infinite rabbit hole. Where attention goes, energy flows. If anything I talk about strikes a chord with you and awakens a dormant seed, you will do your own research and be led to all the information you need. And perhaps, some of it will be downloaded into your consciousness the way it was downloaded into mine. Once my interest was sparked, no one could stop me from digging as deep as I could into this multidimensional matter and digging as deep as I could into myself. Because I am eager to learn and truly 'see', the Universe is assisting greatly. This is how she works...

My health, that of all other beings, the entire planet and all of creation has become my life and my purpose. Us being the most powerful and clean versions of ourselves we can be is the pathway to the Golden Earth and this is why I am so passionate about this. I want us to go to this new amazing world, don't you? I am so done with seeing sick people making themselves sicker and making the planet sicker... I am so done with it all!

Many people probably roll their eyes when they read my material and say that what I ask of us is simply impossible. Yes, we are programmed to see ourselves as small unable creatures, but since I see through this illusion, I stay true to myself and my vision. I do not live under other people's limitations and I will not change my opinion about the cosmic potential we have within us regardless of what anyone thinks.

I have remembered who I am and there's no going back. And because I have remembered who I am and what I can do, I have remembered who you are and what you can do, for you and I are made from the exact same dust of magic...

Go and sit at the losers' table or come fly with the eagles. It is all simply a matter of choice. I have made my choice and I have followed my choice with conscious action. I am also reaping the rewards and making the world a better place.

What do you choose?

Healing Human Potential

Now let’s talk about the gut and the world of bacteria (and other microorganisms) that live within us. I have a good understanding of this subject and will give you an overview of it in my own words, which I hope will be simple for you to understand. I don’t have the vocabulary to explain this in a very scientific way, but I know what I am about to say is enough for me to get my point across and hopefully stir some of you into action.

Once again, if you want to dig deeper into this, which I definitely think you should, start doing your own research. There is so much more to learn than what is written here. There is endless information online and in many amazing books. I have spent the last two years educating myself about the world of mini beings living within our bodies and the key role they play in our overall health. I have been using this newfound knowledge to better my existence and it has catapulted me to a whole new level of being. It has helped me move into a new phase of my life that is many levels above anywhere I have been before.

I thought I was in a very good place and healthy for a long time prior to learning all of this. I had changed my ways but didn't understand that all the years of consuming poisons consciously or unconsciously left me with bad bacteria overgrowth and a damaged gut. This caused damage to many parts of my physical and energy bodies. I was so used to these distortions that I didn't see them as such until they came knocking on the door. I was blind, deaf and deluded. I had to start doing serious work on myself to undo what had been done over most of my time here. I am still on this path, but the only way from here is UP! There is no going back for me...

The truth is, a person cannot understand how unwell they are until they start healing. Or as I like to say, you don’t know you’re swimming in shit whilst you’re swimming in it. You have to come out of the poo pool and smell the flowers to really understand.

I honestly thought I was pretty well before I began this process, but boy was I to be met with an immensely different reality. It was during the process that I was shown how much was not well with me and within me. I am deeply grateful to all the powers of creation for sending health-related signals my way that opened the door to this world for me. I caught them and followed them up with serious action. Most people brush them under the carpet. These signals turned out to be one of the greatest blessings I have ever been gifted. If it wasn’t for them, I would have not gotten so deeply immersed in this subject, I would have not made the necessary changes, I would have not experienced healing beyond anything I have the vocabulary to explain, and I most definitely wouldn’t be writing this article. I feel the best I have ever felt and my consciousness has expanded in cosmic proportions. It is all connected as I always say. Mind-Body-Spirit. They all grow or degrade simultaneously.

I had no idea about any of what I am about to share with you up until very recently and would have continued living my life blind to it had I not heard the voice of my body calling me out. Remember when I said that distortions within our system that manifest as disease in our physical experience may actually be divine messengers? Well, they truly are, and I came to this realisation from personal experience, just like all other big realisations I have had throughout my life.

Thank You Disease and Distortions!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Difficult Moments!

Thank You For Showing Me What I Was Not Seeing!

Thank You For Being My Catalyst For Change!

I can easily say that the topic of Gut Health is the most important topic when it comes to our health. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but please, read on...

Our bodies are ecosystems teeming with bacteria and other microorganisms. There are trillions of them. We are only around 10% human and the rest are these little fascinating beings. We think we are in charge of ourselves, but it is really them that run the show. They are not our beings, we are their humans. The majority of them live in our gut but they are absolutely everywhere on and inside of us. Whichever part of us they choose to call 'home', they have a great effect over. In fact, the health of the particular spot on or within us they inhabit is entirely up to them and the health of our entire system is up to their collective. They hold us together, or break us apart, and are involved in every function of our physical vessel. Without them, there wouldn’t be us or any other living thing on this planet. What they do for us, they do for all life. We are their home and they care for their home to the degree to which we care for them. It’s a symbiotic relationship, like all other relationships.

The gut i.e. the digestive system is a whole jungle with its own flora and fauna. It is often referred to as our microbiome. Each person's microbiome is completely unique with its own diversity of lifeforms such as good and bad bacteria, viruses, yeasts, funguses and who knows what else. Our internal ecosystem perfectly reflects the way we care for ourselves (or not). Whatever is going on inside of us is the result of what goes inside of us through all possible channels and not just our mouths. The state of our microbiome has shaped itself based on all we have intaken over the spans of our lives.

The gut is often referred to as our 'second brain’ for a reason. The health of our gut dictates the health of our entire being. Our gut is always in communication with our brain which operates all of our systems based on the information it receives from it.

Do you understand how huge this is?

Our gut tells our brain what to do!

It is our operations room!

What is Your Gut Saying to Your Brain?

I will separate the microorganisms that live in us into two categories - 'The Good Workers' and 'The Destroyers'. 'The Good Workers' are multiple strains of healthy bacteria and certain caring bugs each with its own unique benefits and superpowers that keep us healthy and protected from intruders. 'The Destroyers' are multiple strains of self-serving unhealthy bacteria, the worst and most well-known offender of which is candida. To the list of bad guys, however, we must add some nasty parasites, viruses, worms and other unfriendly creatures. The self-serving microorganisms in the human body are detrimental to its health in all possible ways.

We always have both 'Good Workers' and 'Destroyers' in us, however, a healthy body ecosystem is one where the good guys greatly outnumber the bad guys and vice versa.

'The Good Workers' are responsible for our optimum health and serve our highest good. They love us and work to support us on all levels. They are our army of guardians who shield us from all types of low vibrations both physical and energetic. When they outnumber 'The Destroyers', they keep everything under control, including them. The only way this can be is if we feed ourselves, through all pathways to our inner worlds, high vibrational foods and energies. This is what they consume to stay alive and flourish within us. When we feed ourselves, we feed them. They need High Vibes To Be Full Power. They also need us to take the best care of ourselves in all ways that we can, which goes way beyond what we consume. It covers all aspects of the way we choose to carry ourselves through life. All that we do for ourselves we equally do for them.

'The Destroyers', on the other side, only care about serving themselves by feeding on us and depleting us of our vital energy and divine connection to the source of all creation. They cause sickness in all of our organs, tissues, and cells. They are the main culprits behind human diseases - physical and mental. Most issues with the musculoskeletal system are also caused or greatly encouraged by these villains. Anything of a low vibration we choose as part of our experience feeds them and gives them the power to become the boss.

The microorganisms in us are the little workers that operate our entire physical vessel.

Who would you rather be in charge?

People who have an overgrowth of bad bacteria and other nasty creatures often have strong cravings for those things that feed them. This is what most addictions are. The collective consciousness of these organisms is so overpowering that they can push us to eat poisonous foods, drink, smoke, take toxic drugs, etc. just to keep them thriving. If they dominate, they run the show. Now, we can blame them, but it is through our own personal choices that they are allowed to take over and do this. And it is our own personal choice whether we allow this to continue or not.

To the microorganisms in us, we are their world, like the Earth is our world to us humans. And in the same way, some of us greatly assist and protect the planet working for its highest good, and others destroy it with the unconscious choices they make and actions they take on a day-to-day basis.

If a person has an overgrowth of negative microbes alongside a sick gut as they almost always go hand in hand, the only way to overcome this is to do a very deep cleanse. This cleanse takes time. It could be months. It could be years. Cleansing is essential and so is healing our dis-eased guts. Every person is unique and their needs are individual, but taking the first step is the main step. No one can stop a human being that wants to elevate him/herself from doing so. If there is a hunger for health, the path will be shown. I took a single step in this direction and signposts started flashing in front of me pointing out which way to go to keep rising. They are still flashing as I keep moving forwards. The more I see and acknowledge them, the more often they pop up. We have divine assistance with us, we always did, but we have to clear the channels connecting us to God to receive it.

Everything we welcome into our bodies and energy fields that is of low vibration kills our guardians and feeds the destroyers whilst also giving them the perfect environment to take over. Unfortunately, the destroyers also feed on many healthy foods, they love their carbs, especially the sweet ones, hence why simply becoming healthy isn't enough if you already suffer from this issue. A special dietary program that cuts out many good and bad foods is needed until the friendly bacteria become the boss again. Then, the good foods that aren't initially allowed can be reintroduced, however, the old ways of eating crap, as well as consuming all kinds of other poisons, must forever remain in the past. Having said this, if you do have a strong and healthy internal jungle, the occasional junk meal or toxic physical or energetic substance will not have the power to bring you down. Your army of healthy workers will protect you. But if you go back to your old ways, you're bound to fall into the same hole.

On top of this diet, a radical change in the relationship we have with food is absolutely essential. We eat too much, we eat too often, and we eat unconsciously without respect. Radical changes in the way we live, the way we respond to life, and the way we carry ourselves are just as important. All interconnected... All is simply energy... The energy of our existence must shift and it involves all aspects of it.

Sick Gut Microbiome

Most of what is in the dietary and lifestyle regimes that tackle the issues of bad bacteria overgrowth and a sick gut should become permanent changes that we make for life. If you want to heal, you gotta close the door on the old way of living and being in this world.

No one tells us this when we go to the doctor with any kind of concern. No one tells us that our health is truly in our own hands and mainly dependent on the personal choices we make.

We get prescribed medication though. Medication that only masks up our symptoms without curing anything. In the meantime, it also confidently and passionately encourages the dark villains in us. They love poisons and they love a poisoned environment.

Symptoms of a diseased microbiome (gut jungle) can be any fungal skin infections and psoriasis, itchy flaky scalp, nail fungus, weakened digestive system, bloating, gut inflammation, often getting sick, food intolerances, backache, joint inflammation, joint pain, bad breath, as well as depression, anxiety, negative thinking and negative self-expression, and so many more. Yes, pretty much most mental and physical issues can be traced back to what happens in our guts. Many people reading through this section will say to themselves 'I don't suffer from an overgrowth of bad bacteria and parasites'. If you are one of them but you resonate with any of the symptoms I just listed, you may be very wrong. Being in denial is one of our greatest skills.

The gut issues that result from a microbiome where 'The Destroyers' are the boss are many with the main one being LGS - Leaky Gut Syndrome. Most food intolerances are not permanent conditions but the result of this. People who put in the work to heal their sick guts, in most cases, find their food intolerances disappear as a result. We must stop labelling ourselves as this and that, with this and that condition, and understand that most of our ‘conditions’ are conditioned. We aren’t born with them. Our bodies are much more powerful and capable than we give them credit for. It is just so much easier for people to say 'I was born with it' than to put in the work to heal. Once again, I am generalising with full understanding that there are people who come into the world with certain intolerances.

This is a really serious topic!

Bad bacteria (and parasite) overgrowth and all of the gut problems that come with it is the collective sickness of the Earth and the best advice I could give to all of humanity is:


Most weapons used against us, i.e. all the toxins poured over and into us from every direction and through all possible mediums feed and encourage the negatively-oriented microorganism in our bodies. Then, they take over and do the rest to bring us down. Whether the beings behind this agenda, who aim these weapons at us, are fully aware of how they actually affect us or they just know to shoot and that it will work, I don't really know. All I know is it works hence the state of our world today.

Going back to the topic of false medication, did you know that antibiotics kill all bacteria - beneficial (our beloved friends and guardians) and non-beneficial (suckers of our life force energy)? Yes, they kill the bad guys and for a moment may cure us, but they are detrimental to our long-term health. Once the beneficial bacteria are gone, there is nothing to protect us from external attacks and the villains taking over. They are tough determined powerful creatures that seize any opportunity that presents itself to them to become the host of a human being’s sacred temple.

Even a single course of antibiotics can cause bad bacteria and parasite overgrowth. In fact, I read that if a person has had antibiotics for only two days once in their life, even if it was many years ago, it is highly likely they suffer from this issue and have ever since. Two days on antibiotics are enough to take our defence down and for the bad guys to triumph over us. The consumption of hormones is as detrimental. Many women who have been on birth control pills (hormones) at any point in their lives are highly likely to suffer from an overgrowth of negative microbes in their bodies. But this doesn’t only include the conscious consumption of antibiotics and hormones because the majority of animal foods people eat (industrially farmed) are also full of these substances alongside many other toxins which are just as destructive to the health of our microbiome. We consume so many poisons that kill our good workers and feed the villains. Our foods must come from the Earth and be raised and grown like the Earth intended them to be - nothing more, nothing less. She is the perfect Mother and she knows exactly what her children need to be whole and to thrive.

And while we’re on the topic, the anti-bacterial gels, anti-bacterial cleaning products, anti-bacterial sprays etc… I will leave it to you to guess what they do based on what I just shared...

Everything we invite into our inner worlds that is out of synch with nature gives self-serving microorganisms the fuel to multiply and take over. This includes all the processed foods that we eat, the poisoned water we drink, 'street' drugs, unconsciously made alcohol, commercial tobacco, as well as all other low vibrations we consume both physically and energetically.

It is important to mention that even if you are extremely healthy now, but let’s say in the past you really weren’t, you may also suffer from this issue. Ex drug and alcohol addicts are a good example of this. I am a great example of this! The microbiome is a whole jungle of trillions of settled miniature lifeforms that are very much in their comfort zone. Washing it with a bit of pure rain isn’t enough to shift it to a new world with new flora and fauna. Way more is needed. Before planting a fresh and healthy new garden, we must clear out the accumulated garbage in these abandoned and forgotten internal worlds of ours or we're going nowhere. We must also heal any severe damage that has been done to them, which is highly likely. This gives a solid and healthy foundation for a new better world to be constructed upon. You cannot build anything solid and of truly high quality over a rotting base. This is a process that takes time and serious commitment! We always look for shortcuts, but there are no shortcuts to divine health. The work must be done. And for the work to be done, we must become comfortable with coming out of our comfort zones.

Purify Your Body

Another huge contributor to the overgrowth of self-serving negative microorganisms in the body is stress, hence why our reality has been intentionally tweaked to cause so many of us to experience this feeling on a day-to-day basis. In fact, stress is a contributor to this issue in equal proportions to what we consume. The negative microbes in us feed on low vibrational frequencies. These can be carried through a vessel of some sort that we physically consume, but they can also just be energetic such as heavy thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They love this stuff. The more you give them, the more powerful they become.

Real education on this issue is needed. Dealing with it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Gentle persistence, patience, and kindness to oneself will get anyone anywhere. We are conditioned to want to receive everything NOW and with as little effort as possible, so the idea of slow progress and sacrifice scares the majority of us. There is nothing more enjoyable than a journey to a higher destination. It is to be embraced with all of its ups and downs. It is to be allowed to unfold in its own perfect timing and with its own perfect rhythm. Making slow and steady progress, seeing the shifts and changes, growing and evolving, man, this is the beauty of life. Nothing of true greatness is achieved quickly. We can never receive anything of solid value without offering solid value from ourselves in exchange.

We have full control over our health and can take the lead to build ourselves up to the divine powerhouses we were always meant to be. Or more like, uncover these divine essences of ours underneath all the poisonous darkness that has suffocated them. Our physical and energy bodies are cosmically intelligent, and if we treat them like they deserve, there is nothing they cannot do. No matter where we are now, we can turn it all around - personally and collectively.

Regardless of whether you have an overgrowth of bad microbes in your system and a diseased gut or not, what you consume physically and energetically, you become. There are no two ways about it! What you allow in is what prevails and what You Turn Into. You cannot be taking in heaviness and expect to be light. It is impossible for anyone who consumes toxins more than they consume nature's pure nourishments to have a healthy microbiome. The majority of humans worldwide don't even know what real food is. The destructive poisons and artificially grown 'nature' foods that fill 90% (+) of most supermarkets are not real food, I am sorry to say.

Many people are overtaken by darkness without realising it because they have become so accustomed to it, they think it's their normal state of being. Everyone who is has symptoms, some more obvious than others, but many accept them as simply a part of life. Many brush them under the carpet. And many hide them away underneath 'pharmaceutical plasters' to pretend they are not there, even if for a short while. Nothing can long remain hidden... The truth always comes out... And in this case, it comes out in the form of disease.

I am telling you now that none of the pain and suffering we experience is normal. This is just another of the bullshit programs we have installed in us. We are so much bigger and brighter than this low vibrational sea of muddy water we have plunged into. We are Pure Love and Joy. Love and Joy are the vibrations of the Heavens, of the Gods and Goddesses, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Dragons and Unicorns, Fairies, Plant and Tree Spirits, and all other beings of Magic, Wonder and Beauty. We belong on this list. The codes of these vibrations run through every atom of our being.

We must stop lying to ourselves that the heaviness we feel is a part of human life whether we are conditioned to do so or simply because we are petrified to face it. Facing oneself in the mirror with honesty can be one of the scariest things for a person to do, but is always the first step to healing... and the most important as it is the catalyst.

One MUST Be Brave!

One MUST Be Determined!

One MUST Be Honest with Oneself!

One MUST Put In Serious Work to Disconnect from the dark matrix!

It is time to awaken from a long deep sleep to the realisation of our true nature.

Be well aware, however, that awakening isn’t simply a case of waking up to what is going on in the world and meditating, doing yoga, chanting, watching countless documentaries and in many cases from what I've observed - preaching to others. I know plenty of people who do these but who are unfortunately still very much embedded in the illusion. It is their everyday choices on what they allow in, what they give out, and how they carry themselves through life that keep them locked into it.

There is no substitute for the deep internal self-work we must do, which takes a lot, no doubt about it. The above-mentioned practices are no substitute for the work where we, metaphorically speaking, tell the chimps in our brains they can't have 'the sweets'. They are no substitute for being consciously aware of everything we say Yes and No to. They are no substitute for Pure Love for Ourselves and The World Around Us. They are no substitute for the dirty work of digging deep into our shadows, traumas and boxes of worms we have sealed, suppressed and hidden within us. These practices are only truly beneficial when laid over a solid foundation or used to assist in its creation. I haven't encountered many people with solid foundations and I haven't encountered many people who work on building solid foundations, not even in the most conscious places, circles and organisations. Most of these, in my opinion, carry serious cultish energy and are completely oblivious to it (and some are very much aware of it).

How do you create a solid foundation?

This article and the information it contains in its entirety is what I can gift you as an answer to this question. I truly believe you have everything here to begin this journey. What you need the most, you will find within, for it is personally designed for you. You just have to make the space for it to come through.

The whole point of this article is to guide you on how to unclog and free the channel through which your own divine intelligence communicates with you.

True awakening can only begin to happen by doing all that is needed to clear the huge damage caused to our temples and energy fields that has distorted our heavenly essence. We need to make way for our higher aspects to step forward and take the lead. We don't need anything on the outside of us apart from all the pure blessings the Earth provides to sustain us. We don't need to buy any tools, go to gatherings or follow any specific rules. We absolutely can do, if we want to, as long as we don't do so to pretend we are doing the work.

The truest form of awakening is the one that happens in the centre of our being.

That place within us that holds all the answers and all the universal wisdom.

Nothing on the outside can guide us better than our own Divine Intelligence.

God Lives In The Centre.

God Lives In Your Centre.

God Lives In My Centre.

God Lives In The Centre Of All Beings.

God Is The Centre.

God Is The Centre

We must remove everything that dims our light and we must protect ourselves from incoming darkness to the best of our abilities. We are all Gods, but we gotta prove ourselves. All of creation is one Omnipotent Being wanting to experience its immense vastness of love. It is doing so through you, me, and every other one of its creations. We are this being. We are this immense vastness of love. We are here to realise this through personal choice and personal action.

If we need to heal deep emotional wounds that we cannot tackle on our own, it is up to us to find a method of doing so and be brave enough to face ourselves and our deepest darkest places. One cannot run from oneself forever. The Earth has provided help for all ills but it is our job to admit we are wounded, go out there and find what we need, and do the work however uncomfortable. It is our job to crack our hard shells and face those troubled parts of us honestly. Our divine full spectrum systems can support us through anything, but only if we do our bit. We have to lead the way, always! If we have serious physical problems that we also cannot deal with alone, the same applies. There is a resonant cure. We must find it but still do all that we can to enrich our sacred vessels to the best of our abilities. Nothing can heal us if we don't make a determined personal effort.

If we want to be in tune with the loving forces of creation...

If we want to be powerful enough to heal naturally…

If we want to prevent diseases from taking over us…

If we want to be bulletproof to parasites and bad bacteria…

If we want to step into our abundant Godly essence of Love…

If we want to accomplish the cosmic missions we came to accomplish...

If we want to shine as bright as the stars in the night…

We must give our physical and spiritual bodies what they need to function at their best. And what they need is Pure Nature. Nature, as she is, is the answer. And just like nature is forever moving, flowing, and transforming, with balance, we must do the same… We must forever move, flow, and transform, with balance… Being stagnant, physically and in the way we live in general, and attached to comfort zones, is the surest way to waste our lives and to be open to all kinds of diseases whilst doing so.

What I am really trying to say is that even more important than consuming pure nature is becoming pure nature - being a true and undistorted reflection of our Mother Earth Home Planet. Feeding our vessels with her sweet juices is a major aspect of this, but listening to her, watching her, learning from the way she moves through her own experience of being, and mirroring that, is how We Go To the Next Level. Merging into oneness with her by becoming resonant with her frequencies is how we achieve that which was always meant for us. We are not supposed to become anything, simply go back to what we always were underneath all the layers of illusion and delusion.

It takes a lot, but if we just Shut Up for a moment, and not only vocally but in every way possible, we can hear her guiding voice…

She is always communicating with us and showing us the way, but we are too distracted to truly see her and hear her whispers in the wind…

Listen To The Earth

We are too full…

There is no space left…

We must offload…

Silence and solitude… Gift these to yourself…

Soften your entire being…

Tune in…

This is not just about you or me, it’s about all of us.

Each of us has a part to play in the greatest shift of all times which is happening right now.

Our Mother needs us to remember who we are!

We need to remember who we are!

Trust in your divine intelligence. The intelligence of your being is the intelligence of the Earth and the entire Universe. You hold the codes of all creation within you. You are the sacred child of God. You are a shining golden fruit on the tree of life filled with the exquisite elixirs of love, joy, divinity and light.

Take care of yourself to the best of your abilities and allow your body, mind and holy spirit to express what they need to you. Everyone is completely unique and the only way to really know what you personally need to shine at your highest is to tune in to yourself fully. To do this, your vessel must be clean, your personal vibration must be high, and you need to be in a state of conscious awareness as much as you can. These are all things you must put serious effort into mastering, which will definitely take time and have its ups and downs, but as long as you CHOOSE THIS REALITY and never give up on yourself, no power will have the power to stop you.

The intelligence of your full-spectrum being is guiding you in every moment and always has, but are you listening and have you ever listened?

I know I didn’t for a very long time…

Next time you feel unwell due to a temporary sickness, allow your body to go through this divine and perfectly timed process without being disturbed and suppressed by toxic substances. Meanwhile, support it with pure organic medicinal plants that gently assist its healing abilities in working more efficiently and effectively. Educate yourself. Read about plants and their healing properties.

Our Mother has given us all we could ever possibly need.

She has a cure for everything.


Did you know that most of the plants you walk past on a day-to-day basis are highly effective medicines for all kinds of distortions?

If you suffer from a more serious disease, there are more serious nature healers that do intense deep work, like the Master Teacher Plants and Trees of the Amazon Jungle, the Sacred Cactuses of Peru and Mexico, and other Plant and Tree Spirits from different parts of the world. There are also two very special animal healers of our Mother the Earth - the Kambo frog and Bufo toad. And of course, let's not forget all sacred mushrooms carrying the pure light of God and growing all over the planet. Working with any of these is done in a sacred ceremonial space. Look into them. Once you meet them, humbly and openly, there is no going back. They have unmatched superpowers! If you do decide to meet them, make sure you do so with someone who knows them well and can guide the experience. Do not experiment with them alone as it can be absolutely detrimental. You could work with some of them alone, ceremonially, but only once you know them well. You could also work with some medicinal mushrooms (non-psychoactive) in a non-ceremonial way as long as you have solid guidance on dosage and manner of consumption.

Every disease begins in the energy body way before it manifests in the physical. It manifests in the physical as our divine intelligence's way of telling us something is wrong and that we need to make changes.

Disease doesn't come to destroy us.

Disease comes to stop us from destroying ourselves.

The only way it can succeed in its true mission is if we open up to receive the message from God it comes to give us. If we don't, it takes us down, and we blame it unaware that it was us and our own choices that brought it into our experience in the first place. These choices could be ones we have made in this life, but they can also be carried over from past lives. Regardless of how and when we created the energy of disease that has come to haunt us, we can begin to change it all and heal with the choices we make in this very moment and all moments that follow.

We are fully responsible for everything we go through, whether we see this or not. The Universe has always abided by the law of cause and effect. The Universe is always balanced.

Healing is very much possible on a personal and global scale, but it's a mission only we can lead. The creator will not give us responsibilities if we didn't have the tools to carry them out. We've got it all!

The master medicines of nature I mentioned can go to the core of any distortion, but they are not there to do our work for us. We cannot rely on them solely. They show us what we are not seeing. They are powerful healers, but more importantly, they are great teachers and guides. They can help in many profound ways, but we hold the steering wheel of our existence.

Working with sacred medicines is not just about going through the process of being with them in a ceremonial context. It is about what we do after the ceremonies i.e. how we apply the teachings we receive while directly connected to them to our everyday lives. That's where the key work is done. If a Master Earth Medicine heals us, but we haven't changed what caused our issue in the first place, what is the point? We will get sick again. These highly intelligent healers of nature are powerful beyond comprehension, but their magic involves much more than simply the act of going in and 'fixing us'. They give us full-spectrum assistance, but many people don't do the work required of them to fully benefit from it. For this same reason, many think that they don't work. The Master Medicines always work, but it's us who don't always work... It is a team effort and if we don't do our bit, nothing can save us. If we do our bit, however, we can save ourselves with their help in no time. They can do wonders for us but...

We must humble ourselves and listen.

We must face ourselves and our deepest darkest and most wounded parts.

We must do everything in our own power to change what needs changing.

We have the power, that's the thing.

We are not some tiny little helpless humans.

We are the Entire Universe!

Each of us is a reflection of God and has what God has in equal proportions.

We are both the Creator and the Creation!

Heal Myself

If we consume unhealthy foods and artificial liquids in all of their forms...

If we drink energetically compromised dirty water...

If we watch or listen to negatively oriented media...

If we invite people into our fields that zap us of our vitality...

If we put unnatural cosmetic substances on our skin...

If we use toxic substances to clean and fragrance our homes...

If we don't try to have balance in all areas of our lives i.e. are giving or taking disproportionately or burning our candles at both ends by doing too much and not resting enough (or vice versa)...

If we are out of tune with the internal guiding voices of our bodies and higher selves forever whispering what we need or not for our highest good...

If we are not consciously moving our bodies daily in order to maintain vibrant physicality and for the energy currents that move through us to do so without getting stuck and becoming stagnant...

If we are not flowing with life, changing with life, moving in synch with life, and surrendering to what is with trust that all that comes our way comes to support our growth and evolution…

If we take part in any activities that deplete us and don't live every day with the purpose to enrich our being towards a higher version of ourselves...

Well, this is how we accumulate and hold on to heaviness and resistant energy in our bodies and etheric fields…

This is what causes distortions, disorders and disease!

If you want to be of divine health, drink pure energised water straight from the Earth, consume high vibrational organic foods and herbal medicines, only use natural cosmetics and home cleaning products, fast, spend time in solitude daily, connect with nature often, listen to light-filled music, read enriching mind-opening books, watch enlightening documentaries, and surround yourself with people who lift you higher.

If you want to be of divine health, work on remaining centred and heart-aligned no matter the storms around you. This is one of the hardest superpowers one can possibly master. Keep these words in your mind. You will lose your centre time after time, but keep coming back to them, and consciously practice this skill at every possible opportunity. You will get better at it with time. The Universe will test you, and test you, and test you, and one day, as long as you never give up, you will become an expert at this. Remember, all of your personal power nests in your central channel. The moment you veer off it, even by a tiny little bit, you weaken yourself. What does it mean to be centred? This is a whole other topic, but for now, I will give you two hints - ETERNAL LOVE & ETERNAL PEACE.

If you want to be of divine health, being physically active is an absolute must. It is your job to keep your temple in peak condition. Have variety in the way you maintain the fitness and vitality of your body. Walk, run, do yoga, stretch, dance, do breathing exercises, jump, hike, swim, etc... Diversify your body maintenance routine so that you give yourself full spectrum enrichment. Have fun with it and do not over-force it. Conscious movement elevates your entire being! There is no substitute for it. It is one of the most important things that I do for myself. In fact, it is the first thing I suggest people start doing if they want to lift their existence to higher planes. And as I said above, we must move the energy currents that flow through us or they get stuck, build up, and create problems.

If you want to be of divine health, welcome and embrace change, internal and external, with open arms. We are meant to transition into different states of being and so is our life and experience here. Go outside and look around... Do you see anything of nature that is stagnant? Look at how everything is in a constant state of flow and transformation. If you are not, you are out of resonance with the Great Mother. Go with her... She is showing you everything you need to know about how to flourish... Be brave to let go of the attachment to your comfort zone. No thing of value lives there. Value is found when you cross the comfort border.

If you want to be of divine health, do what you want and what you love with trust that the Universe has got your back fully and you are always taken care of. You came here with unique gifts and abilities. You were chosen as the channel to bring them through. They are needed in this earthly plane so that it can blossom into a higher vibration. If you are not expressing them, you are depleting us and the planet. If you are not expressing them, you are depleting yourself.

We need your magic!

Are you living your magic?

Are you sharing your magic?

Are you honouring your innermost desire to express your uniqueness?

Are you giving anything of value to the world?

And how about to yourself?

If you want to be of divine health, work on living a balanced life. Know when it's time to do and when it's time to not do. Know when it's time to give and when it's time to not give. A candle is grounded at the bottom and burns at the top. A tree is deeply rooted in the Earth and reaches up to the skies with its branches. Balance is one of the hardest skills to master but a conscious effort towards it will take you one step closer every day. I am still very much trying to get this right too... Maybe I never will, maybe I'm not meant to, and the desire and persistent calculated action in order to achieve it are enough...

If you want to be of divine health, start saying Yes to Yourself and No to People when you want to say Yes to Yourself and No to People. If you say Yes to Someone when you really want to say No, what you are actually doing is you are saying No to Yourself. You are taking away from You. Honour and respect yourself and all of your aspects through all spaces, times and dimensions. Do not go against yourself to please others. This is how you give your power away. Always Be True To You no matter the cost or you will create cracks in your consciousness and this is the dearest price you will ever have to pay. Walk in truth and integrity. Be loving and kind, but have strong boundaries and principles. Protect your energy!

Although this is of significant importance, I have to make something clear. In some cases, it is needed to say Yes when we want to say No and vice versa. Sometimes we have to do things we don't really feel like doing but is important that we do. These could be helping someone who really needs it and deserves it or doing a scary thing that pushes us out of our comfort zone to help us evolve. And sometimes we must decline to do certain things if they are going to compromise us or someone else, even if we really want to do them. Once again, I am generalising. It is up to you to analyse each situation and be adaptable. The main point I am making with this is that being a people pleaser isn't a quality that will bring you anything of value. It can, on the contrary, destroy your life as it has done with many people.

There is more to all of this, there are many levels, but from my current level of understanding, I believe these are the main things one should focus on and work towards to begin their ascent to the Golden Earth.

Living like this is what makes one strong.

Living like this is what makes one fall in love with oneself.

To be healthy, we must be full of power i.e. powerful.

Disease is simply the loss of personal power.

There is no magic stick that can change our lives.

We gotta change our ways!

You create your entire reality by using the sacred gift of 'personal choice' you were born with. Use it WISELY! You know very well what enriches you and what depletes you. It is simply a matter of getting brutally honest with yourself. What you personally choose and allow is what creates you and every experience you have. The Universe is a mirror. All she ever does is reflect things back at us. I am simply trying to help you remember that you already have all the answers within you. You always did!

And an important reminder to be very conscious of what you send down your gut. As I already said, the gut is the operations room for your entire being. It is where the signals that control your brain's functioning come from.

Most of what is in the supermarkets is poison, even the fruits and vegetables. Industrial farming produces food that is full of antibiotics, hormones, a huge variety of chemicals and all kinds of other horrific toxins. It is dead dark food that is the result of abusive methods of mass production. These animals and plants carry the energy of fear, scarcity, and sadness due to the way they are raised/grown and killed. If you consume them, you also consume this energy alongside all the added artificial substances. It is so true that we are what we eat. And keep in mind that If you buy these foods, you support the beings and organisations that produce them. They are killing our planet! Which forces do you think you should be supporting if you want the world to heal? Being a conscious, aware, and so-called awakened being means thinking about these things i.e. seeing the bigger picture.

The gut needs fermented organic foods teeming with live bacteria, our friends and guardians, every single day. All of our ancestors knew this. All of our ancestors fermented foods and ate fermented foods as part of normal life. In today’s world, it is rare to meet anyone who even knows about this stuff. Why have they made us forget this? You don’t need me to explain, do you?

The gut needs organic plant foods and fungi in all of their varieties from the Earth. They too are teeming with healthy bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and all other kinds of magic that our system is designed to have in it to be fully divine and work to its greatest capacity.

The gut needs wild fish and seafood as well as sea and ocean vegetables.

The gut needs animal products from organic farming (or wild) where the animals are free to roam in nature, feed themselves pure nature, and are cared for in the best way possible, with love and respect for their being. (for those who consume animal products - this is another topic I will not be getting into now)

Some say it’s expensive to eat clean, but can we put a price on health?

There is nothing more expensive than disease!

It costs us dearly in many more ways than just monetarily.

And it's not just us who pay the price for it, but also all those who love us and care for us.

Plus, if we ate the amount of food we are actually supposed to eat, which is way less than what we do, this issue will definitely not be as big.

If you are truly healthy, which if you follow the guidance in this article and your own internal compass you have every chance of becoming, you will be way more powerful physically and mentally. As a result of this, you will be much more capable of coming up with ideas for creating abundance. You will be at an energy level that pulls everything you need towards you. You will be clear to attract and bring into your reality all that serves your highest expression. It is already there and waiting for you to attune your frequency to meet it.

Higher Intelligence

The healthier you become, the more you step into your true essence which is always supported, on every level, in every area of your life.

Abundance is our natural state of being. Abundance is a high vibration that we simply must match by elevating ourselves. It doesn’t come from chasing things on the outside.

When we are filled with pure clean energy, we radiate pure clean energy, which lifts all of creation to a higher plane. By gifting divine light to the Universe through the positive self-work that we do, what we need comes to us in miraculous ways.

Abundance in all areas of our lives is our birthright.

Scarcity is a program, not a reality.

The human body and the multi-dimensional being occupying it are both powerful beyond comprehension.

They must be brought into a symbiotic harmonic loving unison and that’s when we can experience the truth of our being.

We are a Miracle!

And again, if you need external help with any kind of sickness or distortion, turn to those who understand nature and how to use her healing children. Take the lead. No one will come to save you. The Earth undoubtedly has a cure for you, but you have to find it.

Ask Her to guide you...

How? You may ask...

‘Shut Up’ and go within...

She is all around you and within you to the same degree...

She always hears you…

She has you fully covered in every possible way!

Clear the way for her guidance to reach you by beginning to make the necessary changes. Educate yourself on how to take GREAT care of yourself. All the information you could ever possibly need is available and has been available for a very long time in books and online. Learn from external sources but even more importantly, listen to your own being. It holds your own personal keys. Become the captain of your ship or you will be forever sinking. There are no shortcuts to the light. There are no shortcuts to the Golden Earth. The work must be done. It feels epic doing the work. It’s tough but amazing and very rewarding. Try it. You won’t look back.

It is up to each of us individually to take charge of our lives and shift our energy as high as possible. This triggers so many people. So many are self-chained to their comfort zones, that even the idea of taking a step in this direction is the most uncomfortable thing imaginable. There is no other way. There will be no other way. I made my choice. Everyone has to make theirs. But let me remind you that the personal choices you make are not just for you, but for all of us. We are all interconnected in one big web of magic. Whatever you do for yourself, changes the world accordingly. The world all beings reside in, not just you.

Let’s make the right choices so that we can heal ourselves and heal our planet.

Every choice you make from this moment onwards decides your destiny and the destiny of all of creation. Yes, this is how important you are. You are not separate from anything or anyone as far as every tentacle of God reaches.

Quieten yourself.

Soften yourself.

Humble yourself.

Your full-spectrum being has Infinite Intelligence.

Care for it properly.

Tune into it and listen.

It is always communicating with you.

Trust it unreservedly.

The Earth has Infinite Intelligence.

Connect to her to connect to yourself.

She made you.

She is in you.

She is you.

Tune into her.

Listen to her.

Watch her.

Trust in her.

She has every answer to every question.

She knows everything there is to know about every dimension of you.

Let her be your teacher and guide.

She will show you the way.

You hold within you all of her codes and all of her magic.

You hold within you all of her.



Disease is a wise teacher that can guide us to remembering and reconnecting with our Divine Intelligence.

When we begin to live guided by our Divine Intelligence, we place ourselves directly on the Sacred Inner Pathway to the Golden Earth.

See You There!

With Love,

Hellie Flow I want to express my deepest gratitude to my invisible helpers, guides, and friends. I know you are with me every step of the way and a huge part of anything I create. I feel you so strongly around me, holding me, loving me, bathing me in your light. Thank you for all of your assistance with this piece and my personal transformation. I couldn't do any of what I do without you all. I'm in awe of your magnificence.

Divine Intelligence

This piece is an offering of love to you all. It is a gift from my heart. I hope it can help you remember who you truly are and begin your ascent to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. When you rise, we all rise. If I can contribute to this process, it is my greatest honour.

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Infinite Love & Gratitude

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