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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

I'm seeing too many people trying to change the world by going outward and doing things. As within so without. The outer world is a reflection of what's within. It isn't what's outside that we must heal, it's what's inside each and every one of us.

Save yourself to save the world.

Save yourself to become a beacon of light for others.

We help people by inspiring them to help themselves and to see their own power and divinity. Our only job is to be a source of illumination, love, and beauty. These have the power to shift everything and everyone into high dimensions.

Many are doing much outwardly, but in most cases, they do so to mask the fact they must go deep within where the core of all of creation lies. We heal issues at the core, not at the level at which they manifest in the physical. And each of us holds within the source of all creation.

Are you being true to yourself?

Are you being true to what your higher self is gently nudging you to see and acknowledge?

Before journeying outwards, journey inwards!

The Universe is always moulding herself to match the frequency we hold within our sacred vessels. And whether we want to accept this or not, our current world is a reflection of the collective vibrational frequency of all of us. We are all responsible.

Go deep, heal deeply, uncover that diamond you have inside, and all will rearrange itself to match its frequency. Your diamond is so bright, so beautiful... Only it has the power to bring us into the Golden Age. Only it has the power to serve others as they uncover their own diamonds.

Stop running away from what you must do. You cannot escape yourself. You cannot change the world if you don't change yourself. Once you're shining at your highest, you can spread that light outwards. Before you do this, it isn't light you are spreading no matter what it feels like to you.

Uncovering our inner diamond is our only job, the Universe takes care of everything else.

No Gods are coming down to save us!

They will rise from within us!

We are The Chosen Ones!

Infinite Love & Blessings,

Hellie Flow

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