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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Over the years, many people have come to me with their problems. There are different things people struggle with, but I almost always point them in the same direction - the direction that leads towards their own inner world. Regardless of what people go through, unless they raise their vibrational frequency, nothing can change for the better. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. As within so without. As above, so below. The Universe responds to our personal frequency at all times. Whatever we experience, we attract with our own energy, but in some rare cases, things are out of our hands, such as when we lose loved ones or go through other types of traumatic experiences inflicted upon us by wounded people. In the grand scheme of things, even these are a part of our karmic path and have been placed in our lives in order for us to learn lessons that we need to learn based on things we have done in past lives or in our current lives. So, I guess, they too are our own creation.

Regardless of what happens to us and how it is manifested, we must always turn to ourselves. We must always take full responsibility. We have to understand that all is divine and all is as it should be. Everything our soul goes through is part of a divine plan for it to evolve, to rise higher on its journey of evolution. It is important to truly comprehend this, because once we do, regardless of how dark and difficult an experience seems and feels, we know it can totally be used as an initiation for us to grow and reach new heights.

Once we embody this universal wisdom, we step away from victim mentality, which by the way only makes us sink lower, and step into the mentality of people who are in charge of their lives. Asking ourselves 'How can I use this to become a better and stronger version of myself?' is the first step. And this is regardless of the type of experience we have gone or are going through. Any difficult situation can be turned into a stepping stone to greatness. Every difficulty is a blessing in disguise. If we don't fully believe this, we block the blessing from revealing itself. The divine is hidden in everything.

We have to make this understanding a part of our life's blueprint and we have to start looking after ourselves the best way possible. We cannot rise from darkness if our personal energy is low. If we want to receive the gifts of our hard situations, we must vibrate at the highest possible frequency. We raise our frequency by enriching ourselves on a daily basis through all that we do. Moving our bodies is essential, eating clean high vibrational food is essential, reading uplifting and enriching books and articles is essential, being surrounded by other high vibe people is essential, everything that helps us be better versions of US is essential. It is also essential to cut everything out that does the opposite i.e. poisons that make us lesser versions of OURSELVES. These can be things we consume, people we surround ourselves with, the type of music we listen to, or even our own chimp minds bringing us down. How we speak to ourselves is one of the biggest keys to this. Most people self-destruct when times are hard. They keep telling themselves how bad things are and how unworthy they are. They poison themselves to new extremes. They sink lower and lower but claim they are desperate to rise into the light. No one can lift another person higher unless this person has taken the lead to do so. We have to do the work. There are no shortcuts.

Going back to what I said in the beginning... Many people come to me with their problems and I always tell them the same - 'It all starts with you, you have to look after yourself, raise your personal vibration and your outer world will change!'. The problem is, very few actually do. People want change but are too lazy to change. They continue to feel sorry for themselves and wonder why life is so unfair. Oftentimes, they come back to me and I tell them the same, and they still don't do anything about it.

My answer isn't going to change, Ever!

We are the creators of our reality.

We are in charge.

Everything works in our favour.

All is perfectly divine.

We are always taken care of.

None of these are true ONLY when we don't believe them to be and see ourselves as victims. This way we totally block the divine from revealing its gifts to us. We are God-embodied and we need to treat ourselves as such if we want that Godly power to come through us. It is all in our hands. No one can and no one will do it for us. Only we can! And until we learn how to become the highest and best versions of ourselves, the Universe will keep throwing the same challenges our way, life after life if needed, until we realise that no one is responsible for our joy and happiness but US.

Infinite Love & Blessings,

~ Hellie Flow ~

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