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These Kambo sticks have medicine on both sides, so you get 2 in 1.


They come directly to me from the jungle and I stand behind their freshness and quality.


A friend of mine from the Amazon jungle, who has dedicated his life to Kambo and its medicine, goes out at night to meet and greet the frogs. He collects their secretion with the utmost love, respect and appreciation and then releases them back into the wild. He has a solid intimate relationship with these special beings and the energy of this sacred union is loaded into the medicine he sends to me.


These are Kambo Sticks of Love!


You have to be very careful when buying this medicine as these precious frogs aren't always treated the way they deserve. Kambo has become very popular and sadly, this has invited energies into its world that still haven't realised their own divinity and the divinity of all that surrounds them.


Also, please be aware that there are different types of Phyllomedusa Frogs such as Kambo in the Amazon that look very similar. The secretion of others is deadly to humans. This has been linked to the very few 'Kambo' deaths since it wasn't Kambo medicine that was used, but the secretion of other frogs in this family.


Please work with this medicine sparingly. Do not work from ego. There is absolutely no need for crazy numbers of points for the medicine to work. It has become more and more difficult to find the frogs as their magic is weaving its way around the planet. We need to learn to respect all sacred medicines and realise their power isn't equivalent to how much of them we take, but to how much of ourselves we give. Their spirits know us better than we do, they know how we live and what we need, and can come through in our ceremonies as intensely or mildly as they wish regardless of the dosage. Getting a full cleanse with the least amount of points is what you should aim for. Experiment and adjust as needed. Yes, sometimes more points are needed, because they are really needed, and not to prove that someone is 'tough' or the 'big man or woman'. I feel the need to share these words with you to bring awareness.


Please, only buy if you are trained to serve this sacred medicine, and work with love, integrity, and respect towards the Kambo Frog.


Thank you :)



  • There is nothing more important than living life through our hearts and enriching ourselves and the world around us through all we choose to do, say, consume, and give. This is all the spirits of the medicines guide us towards. If we live this way, they will always give to us for they know that whatever gifts they bestow upon us, we will pass them on to all that surrounds us.


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