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All of my sacred tools are handmade by Latin American artisans and carry Spirit and powerful energy to assist you on your path. 


This is a solid big ceremonial pipe for sacred tobacco. It will make a beautiful addition to any sacred space or altar and will truly come alive in ceremonies. This powerful instrument combines the feminine energies of the Amazon with the masculine energies of the High Andes Mountains. It is made with Chonta Wood, Serpentine Stone, and Animal Bone. The length of the pipe is approximately 23cm.  


Chonta is a very sacred wood from the Amazon Jungle used for the making of many ceremonial tools by the native tribes. It brings the power of protection and wards off negative energy. Chonta is considered the tree of life. It is extremely hard and is used for building tools for hunting, defence, and survival. In addition, the fruits and hearts of this palm are highly nutritious and medicinal. The Chonta Part of the pipe has three Coca Leaves engraved onto it to honour and call in the spirit of this most sacred Master Teacher Plant with many magical abilities and properties.


Serpentine Stone is a very sacred rock originating from the Machu Picchu region in the sacred valley of Peru (Andes Mountains). This magical stone is able to regulate psychic energy and mood swings, calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, and protect against negative energies and influences. Serpentine stone is coded with ancient wisdom.


The Condor head connects us to the spirit of this powerful 'Thunderbird Of The Heavens' that is very sacred in the Andean tradition (and many others). Just like the Eagle, the Condor is often called upon to assist in shamanic practices and rituals. They both come from the East, the place of the rising sun, and teach us how to break down our limits and trust in our potential to reach higher and higher. It is believed the Condor ties the earth and heavenly realms together, and it is he who carries the dead to the underworld. The Condor is a seer, cutting through the veils of illusion, always able to perceive the bigger picture. This majestic bird symbolises power, leadership, goodness, health, devotion, justice, and wisdom. It is also the national bird of Columbia, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador and appears on their national coat of arms.

Condor Tobacco Pipe - Serpentine Stone & Chonta Wood 23cm

  • Bulgaria: 1 - 3 Business Days

    EU Countries: 7 - 10 Business Days

    Europe non-EU: 10 - 14 Business Days

    United States: 10 - 14 Business Days

    Australia: 20 - 60 Business Days

    Colombia: 20 - 60 Business Days

    Everywhere else: 15 - 30 Business Days

  • Import duties, taxes, and charges are the buyer's responsibility. If you need more clarification on any of these, please check with your country's customs office (information can be found online) for more information before buying from me.

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