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I am honoured to be able to offer you this very special and rare high-intensity Rapé made by Gesileu of the Nukini tribe. Gesielu is a master medicine maker and this is his own personal blend named after himself. Gesileu is seen as a 'celebrity' (in western terms) amongst the Acre tribes and is greatly respected and loved. This exquisite Rapé is the result of many years of learning the art of making medicine from the Nukini elders. The blend has a strong and unique healing energy and is highly aromatic. The aroma is unlike any other I have ever come across... it is one of a kind. Those who know about Nukini Rapés, know that their blends are extremely fine and smooth, but possess huge warrior power and can cause very strong sensations. This blend totally carries this on, but to even higher degrees. It contains Special Organic Mapacho, Tsunu Ash, and Cumarú seeds. The full composition is a secret to Gesileu. It has the ability to induce lucid dreams and to give huge power to intentions to manifest. It has strong protective energy and is known to attract abundance into the lives of those who work with it. This is an extremely grounding Rapé that brings heightened awareness, removes stuck energies, and pulls one back to centeredness and alignment.


Gesileu Boa & Gesileu Golden are similar, however, they carry different energy. Both are absolutely stunning Rapés. I couldn't tell you which one is my favourite!


140,00 лв.Price
  • I have selected the most exquisite blends I have come across on my journey with the plants and I feel very honoured to offer them to the world. Each of my Rapés is handmade by the native tribes of the Brazilian Amazon and is of the finest and highest quality possible. You may come across many blends with the same names on the internet. This doesn't mean they are the same or of the same quality. In fact, it is highly likely they aren't. 


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