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When it comes to making aromatic blends, no one does it quite like the Nukini Tribe, and here is one of the finest examples of this. Imburana is a stunning floral creation with Imburana Seeds and Tsunu Ashes. Working with it feels like entering the jungle on a warm sunny day and taking a deep breath that fills you with beauty, wonder, and magic. This is both a smooth and sharp blend with powerful healing energy. It has deep cleansing properties and can cause strong sensations. It is used to work with and clear the solar plexus chakra and all organs in its domain - stomach, liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands. Imburana is great for restoring physical balance. By balancing the physical body, this blend helps us be in our hearts and maintain a calm and relaxed positive mental state. Imburana is a great blend for raising your vibration. 

IMBURANA - Imburana Tribe 15g

  • This product is a raw botanical specimen offered for research purposes only. The information is provided for scientific and educational purposes and is not a recommendation for a specific use. This is NOT a consumer product.

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