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An extremely rare high-intensity blend from the Nawa tribe containing the highly revered Jure Master Teacher Tree and Tsunu Ashes. Jure is one of the main power trees the tribes use to expand their field of consciousness and awareness and to tap into their skills and potential as children of the Earth and Cosmic Mother. This creation is used for deep inner travel and introspection. It takes you on a journey into the depths of your mind and heart, guiding and sharing wisdom, and clearing distortions with her miraculous feminine magic powers. The true essence of this blend is felt when used ceremonially alongside other sacraments. That's when she really comes through.

JURE - Nawa Tribe 15g

  • This product is a raw botanical specimen offered for research purposes only. The information is provided for scientific and educational purposes and is not a recommendation for a specific use. This is NOT a consumer product. 

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