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All of my sacred tools are handmade by Latin American artisans and carry spirit and powerful energy to assist you on your path. 


The entire body of this Kuripe is made with the very sacred PALO SANGRE wood, which is one of the hardest and most durable woods in the Amazon. A Beautiful Raw Amethyst Crystal and a Chrysocolla Stone also grace this magical piece. Amethyst clears and protects our energy, and connects us to the Divine. Chrysocolla opens up the solar plexus and connects us with our environment. This tool is a great choice for people who are deeply connected with Mother Ayahuasca. Her spirit weaves its way through the entire pipe and will be with you whenever you work with it or have it nearby. I have a matching Tepi in my store (but without an amethyst).

This Kuripe has an adjustable neck strap if you wish to wear it as a necklace.


The tool we use to serve Rapé is just as important as the Rapé itself. Each Tepi and Kuripe in my shop is handmade by Peruvian or Brazilian craftsmen with materials and elements that have unique properties and qualities to assist in our healing practices. The tool and the Rapé join forces and work as a team. It is important to understand that we too are medicine and part of the team that comes together when working with sacred plants. We have to look after ourselves as such if we want to lift ourselves and those around us higher. We have to do the work. The plants aren't there to do it for us. They are our teachers and guides, but what matters most, is how we apply the gifts they bestow upon us to our everyday lives.

Kuripe Necklace - Palo Sangre Wood, Ayahuasca Vine, Amethyst & Chrysocolla

135,00 лв.Price
  • Import duties, taxes, and charges are the buyer's responsibility. If unsure about any of these, please check with your country's customs office (information can be found online) for more information prior to buying from me.

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