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Nissural is a high-intensity blend specifically formulated to assist with heaviness in the body, weakness, tiredness, laziness, lack of motivation, and all other compromised physical and mental states we experience in life. Nissural clears the energy channels and lifts blockages that send us out of balance to help us move through the world in a state of flow, trust, and resonance with the forces of nature. This is a beautiful potent creation of the Huni Kuin Tribe containing Tsunu Ashes, Pixuri Leaves, Bunatura Leaves, and a few other secret herbs. Nissural increases energy and vital force in the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies to give a full spectrum lift to one's entire being.

NISSURAL - Huni Kuin Tribe 15g

  • This product is a raw botanical specimen offered for research purposes only. The information is provided for scientific and educational purposes and is not a recommendation for a specific use. This is NOT a consumer product. 

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