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A very fine, aromatic, and sharp creation by the Nukini Tribe. This is their signature traditional blend hence why it carries their name. It contains Tsunu Ashes and Aromatic Secrets Herbs. Nukini is strong, smells amazing, and has a very loving energy that wraps you in a bubble of its essence. Contrary to its fine texture and smoothness, it carries powerful masculine warrior energy. This magical blend is great for cleansing, grounding, and letting go of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It releases stuck heavy energies, so it is also ideal to use alongside other sacred plants in rituals of all kinds. It is also an amazing blend for fighting off flu symptoms and bacteria, so great to use when your immune system has been compromised.

NUKINI - Nukini Tribe 15g

  • Import duties, taxes, and charges are the buyer's responsibility. If you need more clarification on any of these, please check with your country's customs office (information can be found online) for more information before buying from me.

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