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Another fine high-intensity creation from the Nukini Tribe. It contains Tsunu Ashes and of course - the Divine Rose (Amazonian). This may be a Rose blend, but rest assured, it has spikes that can cut through all distortions. It may take you by surprise... Rosas is a powerful force that sweeps away whatever needs to go from our fields. It has feminine energy that can help us to connect with our feminine side, that side that carries the fierce yet loving and nurturing energy of creation. Conversely, it also carries the energy of destruction if it is needed for a re-birthing to take place. This blend balances and purifies the body and mind, releases stress and day-to-day burdens. Rose Master Plant helps to heal the heart and brings love to every cell of our being.

ROSAS - Nukini Tribe 15g

  • This product is a raw botanical specimen offered for research purposes only. The information is provided for scientific and educational purposes and is not a recommendation for a specific use. This is NOT a consumer product.

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