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Another fine high-intensity blend from the Masters of Rapé - the Nukini Tribe. This blend contains Mapacho, Tsunu Ashes and of course - The Divine Rose (from the Amazon). This may be a Rose Rapé, but rest assured, it has powerful spikes that can cut through all distortions. It may take you by surprise... Rosas has a strong energy that opens up the entire energy field and clears all that needs clearing. This is a feminine rapé that can help us to connect with our feminine side, that feminine side that carries the fierce yet loving and nurturing energy of creation. Conversely, it also carries the energy of destruction if it is needed for a re-birthing phase to begin. This blend balances the body and mind, releases stress and day-to-day burdens, and purifies the energy centres. The Rose helps to heal the heart and brings love to every cell of our being. A beautiful blend with beautiful energy.


120,00 лв.Price
  • I have selected the most exquisite blends I have come across on my journey with the plants and I feel very honoured to offer them to the world. Each of my Rapés is handmade by the native tribes of the Brazilian Amazon and is of the finest and highest quality possible. You may come across many blends with the same names on the internet. This doesn't mean they are the same or of the same quality. In fact, it is highly likely they aren't. 


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