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This is my favourite Huni Kuin Kaxinawa Rapé I have ever tried. I am fascinated by the way it works and the energy it carries. It has this really interesting quality to take over you in stages as if someone is slowly turning a knob to intensify the feeling. I like to say, it creeps up on you. As I sit with it, I find the sensations getting stronger and stronger until I am totally swimming in the energy of the plants. I absolutely love feeling their spirits overtake me so intensely yet lovingly. Other blends usually have an immediate effect on me, whereas this one feels like it goes in and does some prep work or analysis of what I need before it comes through full force. I feel my whole body pulsating as my energy field merges with the consciousness of the plants and expands to surround my entire being. This is my personal experience of it every time I sit with it. You have to be patient with this Rapé and give it the time it needs. It takes you on a journey which can last for a while.


Samahuma is considered the Mother Tree of the Amazon and Creator Spirit of the Jungle. She is a Master Teacher Tree that creates a bridge between Heaven and Earth to help us connect with the essence of life.


In the Amazon, this blend is used to heal relationships and resolve issues between family members and tribes. It is a high-intensity Feminine Rapé that is also used to help with fertility and during childbirth. It has the power to connect us with the energy of creation to receive guidance and assistance. The two known ingredients in it are Mapacho and Samahuma Ashes... The rest is magic...


140,00 лв.Price
  • I have selected the most exquisite blends I have come across on my journey with the plants and I feel very honoured to offer them to the world. Each of my Rapés is handmade by the native tribes of the Brazilian Amazon and is of the finest and highest quality possible. You may come across many blends with the same names on the internet. This doesn't mean they are the same or of the same quality. In fact, it is highly likely they aren't. 


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