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I am honoured to be able to offer you this very special and rare Rapé from the Shawandawa tribe. This tribe rarely goes out of their village and it is very difficult to get hold of their medicine. They guard their energy from the outside world and are very protective of the wisdom and magic of the plants. This exquisite Rapé contains Special Organic Mapacho and 7 different types of ashes. The full composition is a secret to the tribe. It is a very high-intensity blend that carries unique transformational healing energy. It strengthens the mind and body and brings clarity. The power of this Rapé is felt most strongly a few seconds after it is served when your energy field gets blown open, which causes a strong vibrating sensation. All of the chakras receive a deep cleanse fully realigning them to allow energy to flow freely through the system. When I work with this Rapé, I feel energetic roots coming out of the soles of my feet connecting me deep into the earth whilst simultaneously a beam of energy shoots from my crown, connecting me all the way to the stars. It carries something truly powerful and special. This is definitely one of the strongest Rapés on the planet.


140,00 лв.Price
  • I have selected the most exquisite blends I have come across on my journey with the plants and I feel very honoured to offer them to the world. Each of my Rapés is handmade by the native tribes of the Brazilian Amazon and is of the finest and highest quality possible. You may come across many blends with the same names on the internet. This doesn't mean they are the same or of the same quality. In fact, it is highly likely they aren't. 


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