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A beautiful unisex genuine Shipibo bracelet handmade by the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon jungle. This bracelet is made bead by bead, which takes a long time. The beads are glass. 


The length of the bracelet is approximately 18cm.


I work with one of the most respected Shipibo Curanderas in the Amazon who is also my mentor and this bracelet has come directly from her with her blessing. By purchasing this beautiful craft, you support these incredible people who truly deserve it for all they do and have done for our beloved Mother Earth for thousands of years. You also support me as I continue on my own path helping humanity remember their true power and divinity. We are grateful! We honour you!




The Shipibos are chosen by the Earth for their sacred work, which they have been doing for thousands of years. They have never changed, never lost their ancient knowledge, and never been distorted by external influences. The Shipibos are the original divine guardians of the sacred master teacher plants and the wisdom of the jungle. They go through an extremely challenging process full of personal sacrifices to connect with the spirit of each medicinal Amazonian plant and tree so that they can become a channel for their wisdom and healing. This process is called a Master Plant Dieta and can take anything from a few days to a few years depending on which plant or tree is being dieted and what the intention behind the dieta is. The Shipibos live the plant life. They do these diets throughout their lives. They never stop learning. There are so many medicinal plants and trees in the Amazon that a lifetime is not enough to connect with all of them. Master Plant Dietas are very challenging and all kinds of mystical magical things happen during the process. When the shamans are ready, they get gifted songs called icaros by the plants themselves. These songs are channelled through and have words in their own Shipibo language, however, if people from other countries get gifted icaros, they may come through in their own language. Icaros are the songs of the plants. Each plant can have many different icaros for different purposes. Not all icaros are connected to particular plants as some are given to the shamans for other purposes than to heal with plant consciousness, but they also come as a result of plant dietas. Icaros are songs with huge energy and power. They can heal and protect, but they can also be used as bridges between the different worlds and dimensions depending on what is needed. The shamans sing these songs to people to assist with their healing processes or to help them with their own connection to the plant they are dieting (or both). When a shaman sings an icaro to someone, they are essentially singing the spirit of the plant into them. Icaros also have a physical representation in the form of coded patterns. These are what you see on their textiles, clothes, bags, bracelets, and maracas. Whilst creating their crafts, the Shipibos sing the icaros into them infusing them with spirit and protective energy. They sing these pieces into existence. There is so much more to this, however, I hope this gives you an idea of the magical world of these songs. Love and honour for the plants and the Shipibos!

Shipibo Icaro Bracelet - 18cm - Glass Beads

88,00 лв.Price
  • Import duties, taxes, and charges are the buyer's responsibility. If unsure about any of these, please check with your country's customs office (information can be found online) for more information prior to buying from me.

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