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A truly incredible Shipibo Textile/Tapestry from the Amazon Jungle with Hummingbirds, Various Master Teacher Plants, Master Teacher Plant Icaros & Arkana Protection. This is a complex design that has taken a very long time to complete as the icaros are sung into the fabric with each stitch. As you can see it is very detailed and great attention to detail has been paid. This beautiful piece brings the spirit of the Amazon Jungle to protect you and your space.


Size is approximately 150 (W) cm x 150 (H) cm (Large Piece)


I work with one of the most respected Shipibo Curanderas in the Amazon who is also my mentor and this tapestry has come directly from her with her blessing. By purchasing this beautiful art, you support the Shipibo people who truly deserve it for all they do and have done for our beloved Mother Earth for thousands of years. You also support me as I continue on my own path helping us remember our true power and divinity. I am grateful! I honour you!

Shipibo Tapestry - 150 x 150 cm - Large

  • Bulgaria: 1 - 3 Business Days

    EU Countries: 7 - 10 Business Days

    Europe non-EU: 10 - 14 Business Days

    United States: 10 - 14 Business Days

    Australia: 20 - 60 Business Days

    Colombia: 20 - 60 Business Days

    Everywhere else: 15 - 30 Business Days

  • Import duties, taxes, and charges are the buyer's responsibility. If you need more clarification on any of these, please check with your country's customs office (information can be found online) for more information before buying from me.

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