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A very special high-intensity blend from the Arará Tribe. Yoxibu is another name for the Great Spirit of the Forest and Creator of All. Yoxibu possesses serpentine energy and is connected to all sacred medicines. Yoxibu is always called upon and sung to by the native tribes, and if you listen to Brazilian jungle music, you may be well aware of this. The blend contains Tsunu Ashes, Canela De Velho Ashes, and a Mix of Secret Herbs (seeds, roots, leaves). It is a very sacred creation used by the indigenous tribes for various healing and clearing purposes. As it is named after the Great Spirit and carries its energy, it is great for connecting with the whole of creation to receive divine wisdom and guidance.

YOXIBU - Arará Tribe 15g

  • This product is a raw botanical specimen offered for research purposes only. The information is provided for scientific and educational purposes and is not a recommendation for a specific use. This is NOT a consumer product.

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